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Business parcels available in Galicia

Among the net area included in the Sectorial Plan for the Organization of Business Areas in the Autonomous Community of Galicia in 2014, 34,660,118 square meters, some 4,155,428 m2 were available for sale in 2014.

Of these, a large part were promoted by public company Xestur and the Galician Institute for Housing and Land, and many still have parcels available for sale.

In addition, in 2014 in Galicia there were 35 business areas in development, which would be currently in operation and, probably, with parcels available to interested companies. On the other hand, PSOAEG also includes 170 industrial states that were at the time under study or processing.

With the intention of knowing what the current status of these estates is, to know and locate the land surface available for commercialization in Galicia and help in the design of future strategic plans for industrial land, Xunta de Galicia, supported by the Galician Institute for Housing and Land, promulgated Law 5/2017, of October 19, promoting the implementation of business initiatives in Galicia.

Through this law, the creation of a Galician Business Land Census, is established, in which all business areas developed in Galicia which have an area available for commercialization must be registered, as well as the areas planned for their immediate development. It will be from this census, which will reach the public review phase soon, when the results begin to be published in this section of the Galicia Business Land Observatory. At the present time the Parcels available for sale map only collects information from Xestur Galicia S.A.




   Parcels available for sale map




     Business land developed by IGVS, Xestur e SEA SL.  




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       Parcels available in business parks managed by Xestur Galicia, S.A