I would like to welcome you to the website of the Business Land Observatory of Galicia, an initiative launched by the Galician Institute of Housing and Land of the Xunta with the aim of accommodating all issues related to this issue that may be of interest to groups linked to this area of great importance to Galicia.

It is necessary to consider that the development of the business ground facilitates the implantation of companies in the community, as well as the improvement of the conditions of the already existing ones, through its installation in spaces specially designed for them, equipped with all the services and the infrastructures that can be useful to them and adapted to the standards of quality that they demand. Territorial planning will therefore have an impact on the settlement of companies and the improvement of their situation, which will help the development of the productive fabric and will result in the creation of employment and economic growth in Galicia.

Observatory seeks, therefore, to provide information on all aspects relating to business land, with the aim that administrations, public and personal companies, and anyone interested in this field are in the ideal conditions to make effective decisions and adapted to the needs of the country.

Next to Xunta de Galicia, participate in this web portal of the Observatory promoters, patrimonial investors, entities managing business areas, associations and business clusters, as well as professionals in architecture or technical staff of urban planning and, in general, all administrations (municipalities and councils), schools and associations linked in some way to business land.

Thanks to the work of some and others will be generated information, studies and work that periodically summer light through this website and the bulletins and publications of the Observatory that will be available to people interested in the different sections of this portal.

It is our wish that this joint and multidisciplinary work serves to advance decisively in improving the situation and conditions of business land in Galicia.






Ángeles Vázquez
Regional Minister for Environment, Territory and Housing