Business areas


Galicia’s business land


According to the data collected in the Sectoral Plan for Business Areas in Galicia (PSOAEG), approved in 2014, there are 206 working business areas in Galicia, with a total surface area of 54,877,857 m2, distributed among the four provinces. This information also includes the accounting of those industrial areas that were born outside the official planning, 18 in total in Galicia, adding a total area of 4,716,539 square meters.

For its part, the net area, which is finally divided into parcels and used by companies for the installation of their infrastructures, would be 34,660,118 m2, of which 4,716,539 square meters would correspond to industrial areas outside the planning.

In total, the PSOAEG counts in 2014 a total of 4,155,428 m2 of surface available for sale in Galicia. 




     Dynamic maps (PSOAEG)




    Dynamic maps of the surface areas of parks and business land by municipality


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