Cerdedo-Cotobade advances in the process of the new business park of Monte Mocín

The council of Cerdedo-Cotobade continues its progress in order to create the business park of Monte Mocín, a business area that, if it becomes to reality, will take 1.269.969 square feets of land, of wich 635.070 will be for industrial activities and seed projects. The park will hace 269.097 square feets of green zones.

Specifically, the town council receibed the favorable sectorial report of the deputation of Pontevedra, indispensable for the execution of the project. The rest of the pending permits are less complex and they have already passed the public exposition phase, so that the project it's near to become a reality.

Source: Faro de Vigo

Fecha publicacion: 
2020-06-26 08:30:00